Immersion Training with Frank Cava

A personal message from Frank…

Frank Cava

This is truly an IMMERSION experience. I don’t like theory and I don’t like home study courses. This is real. You know why school kids go on field trips? Because you learn things out in the world that you can’t learn in a classroom. Hey, I’d even say that this is an ADVENTURE.

What’s it like? You spend three day event hosted at my office. The experience is intimate and small by design. The goal is for me to have enough one-on-one interaction with you that you can get what you need to take your business to the next level. Be warned there’s pre-work and a call before you come to the office so I can really understand where you are right now – and where you want to go in the next twelve months. This event is not vacation. We will work, and throw in a little fun too, and make sure you have everything you need once you get home to crush it!

The entire experience is relentlessly focused on giving you a REAL (not theoretical) understanding of how to analyze a market, how to best reach that market with advertising and create leads, how to analyze these leads and turn them into solid deals that will allow you to profit on each and every deal you do. Plus, we get in the car and visit properties around Richmond that we’re buying, fixing and selling to really give you an insight into what this business looks like from the ground up so you can relate it to your market at home and immediately beginning to apply what you learned when you get home.

By the end of the three days, you will not only know how to set up your back office, how to find houses, and how to sell them at the maximum profit, you will have a complete business that you can take home with you and start implementing and running immediately. Do you know why I don’t train anyone from Richmond, VA? I don’t want to give away my best stuff to my competitors! But, because you live in a different city and state, you will get all of our most cutting edge stuff that will work now!

I hope to see you soon,

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Program Overview

This intensive three-day training is designed to take you by the hand and show you everything you need to run a SIX-FIGURE A MONTH real estate investing business.

This is no “home study” course that will gather dust on your shelf next to all the other ones.

Instead, this is hands-on. You will fly into Frank’s office in Richmond, Virginia and stay three full days to see firsthand the systems, the people, and the projects that took Frank and his team years to build.


  • As potential home sellers call in Frank’s office, you’ll be there listening live as Frank’s team builds rapport, pulls comps and assesses the deal on the spot and then sets viewing appointments…
  • After a property is under contract, you’ll watch the exact process Frank’s team uses to decide whether to wholesale, “whole-tail,” or rehab it..
  • For wholesale deals, you’ll see how the team builds a responsive buyer’s list and then flips assignments to them, often in a matter of minutes…
  • For rehabs, you’ll tour properties that Frank’s construction crews are working and hear Frank explain exactly how they renovate property to make the maximum profit on each deal…
  • And the best part… you’ll get access to the exact systems and processes that run Frank’s business so that he’s a true business owner and not just a high-paid worker…

So – is the three-day Immersion Training right for you?

This training isn’t for everyone. It might be right for you if…

You’re Ready to See
You want to actually see “under the hood” of a REAL SIX-FIGURE A MONTH real estate business in action.

You’re Ready to Learn
You believe investing in yourself and your education is the fastest way to reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

You’re Ready to Implement
You are ready to LEARN and IMPLEMENT. You will be flying into the office and staying for 3 full days. You will see Acquisitions, Sales, and Systems working together in perfect harmony. While there you’ll be immersed in the key elements that amke Frank’s business HUM:

  • Mindset/Mechanics/Money
  • Teams/Roles
  • Technology/Systems
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Income/Scaling


This training is not designed for the meek. It’s set up to allow you to walk away and start building your own six-figure a month real estate investing business. Nothing will be held back. You can model what you learn and then tweak it for your local market.

How it works

You will fly in and spend three full days at the office. The training each day will be long and you will take pages of notes. This isn’t some “watch Frank waltz in and wing it” event. Everything is laid out on a syllabus that you’ll be given, and everything on that syllabus will be covered in detail. We’ll also go to lunch and dinner each day as a group to swap ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other and from Frank.

How much does it cost?

The investment in the training is significant, but it’s less than some programs that just overwhelm you with theory and don’t even show you how to run a thriving real estate business. And it’s much less than what you’ll spend trying to figure this out on your own.


  • This is full access
  • You’re in the office for three full days
  • You are learning a BLUEPRINT has proven, highly profitable results
  • This is as close as “done for you” as you’ll ever find
  • Participation is by invitation only. To be considered for the Waiting List for the next training, fill out the application. After that, Frank’s assistant will schedule a call with him to determine if this is a good fit for you.


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