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This hiring program is a a joint venture between Cava Capital (Cava) and the StraussGroup (Strauss) to streamline the process of finding, screening, testing, interviewing, and ultimately hiring and retaining the best talent for real estate investors. Cava and Strauss have created a master job-hiring program for five distinct roles: Office Manager, Construction Manager, Acquisition Manager, Dispositions Manager, and positions in General Management.

In order to ensure exceptional performance and to allow the real estate investor to continue to focus on their core business, Cava and Strauss have painstakingly created job descriptions, ads, and job offers for each of these five roles. Cava and Strauss are able to offer this high level of service at a low price because they have identified areas of overlap across real estate investors’ businesses and formulated a standardized set of needs. However, since each company is unique, the process begins with an intake call with Strauss to customize the positions being hired for each company and hiring manager.

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Once there is a need in your business for one of the five positions offered, the hiring manager will fill out the intake form. When the form is received, Strauss will set up an intake call to discuss the specific needs of the position. The intake call will clearly lay out timing, expectations, and deliverables. If Strauss agrees that they can satisfy the needs of the hiring manager, Strauss and the hiring manager will work together to precisely define the candidate profile so that Strauss can customize the hiring ad and job description to the specific need of the company.


The time of commitment will occur once the intake phone call with Strauss is complete and expectations are set for both parties. Strauss will then send the hiring manager a commitment contract with request for deposit. Once Strauss receives a signed commitment contract with a deposit, they will place the ad and begin the recruiting process.

Schedule of Fees

Each type of hire requires a different time investment, which is reflected in the fee schedule.

Office Manager

  • Total Cost: $3,750
  • Deposit Now: $1,750
  • Balance Due at Hire and Billed and Paid By Strauss: $2,000

Construction Manager

  • Total Cost: $4,495
  • Deposit Now: $1,750
  • Balance Due at Hire and Billed and Paid By Strauss: $2,745

Sales (Acquisition and Dispositions)

  • Total Cost: $6,795
  • Deposit Now: $1,995
  • Balance Due at Hire and Billed and Paid By Strauss: $4,800


  • Total Cost: $6,795
  • Deposit Now: $1,995
  • Balance Due at Hire and Billed and Paid By Strauss: $4,800


During the recruiting process, Strauss and the hiring manager will hold weekly status calls to review candidates and provide updates. Strauss will select the top candidates and provide the hiring manager with their resumes and candidate profiles, which are brief explanations of why Strauss has identified them as the top candidates for the position. The hiring manager and Strauss will review the candidates and then, once approved by the hiring manager, Strauss will advance approved candidates for testing.


Candidate testing will be provided by PSP Metrics, an executive search firm whose focus is the physiological make up of each candidate and hire. For more than 60 years, PSP Metrics has specialized in the science of evaluating employees, from front line workers to executive leaders. PSP continually conducts research and studies real world examples to hone its techniques. These techniques allow PSP to predict, with significant accuracy, weather a candidate will perform above, below, or at average levels in a particular role. PSP’s tools allow hiring managers to build more productive teams and companies.

Cava and Strauss have chosen PSP Metrics’ specialist Dr. Gary Williamson to perform candidate testing. This testing is designed to judge if a candidate’s resume and interview skills match their psychological profile. With just a brief test, Dr. Williamson is able to determine the candidate’s strengths and weakness and predict the likelihood that they will be successful on the job. Only candidates approved by the hiring manager will advance to testing. The cost of testing each candidate is $100, which will be billed directly by PSP. After testing, Dr. Williamson will be available to discuss with the hiring manager each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, at no additional charge.

Interviewing and Hiring

Candidates who fail to pass the test will be notified by Strauss and signed off. Once a pool of good candidates is identified, Strauss will arrange phone and/or in-person interviews with the hiring manager. This process will be repeated until the hire is made. Only after hire will Strauss bill the hiring company/ manager the balance of the hiring fee.

How to begin

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