A personal message from Frank…

Frank CavaWe may not have met in person, so there are some things I want you to know about me.

First, I appreciate you being here and choosing to spend a little time here on my site instead of doing all of the other things you could be right now. You showing up here tells me that you’ve got the guts to look around for someone who may be further down the road than you and on some level you know that no matter how much of a Type-A, “I can do it myself!” kind of entrepreneur you are, you know that SPEED comes from taking the right shortcuts. And what’s been true for me is that I learned the RIGHT shortcuts from people who were more experienced, more successful than me at the time. So… welcome.

A little bit about me. I’m a regular guy. I grew up in a great little family, went to school, and got a job. I put my pants on one leg at a time.

The only difference between me and you (assuming you don’t already have a 6-figure a month real estate business) is that I use a formula, a BLUEPRINT to run a successful business that allows me to earn six figures a month by fixing and flipping real estate properties and maximizing the profit.

So how did I get here?

My story…

I grew up with a dad in construction. I fell in love with this industry shortly after leaving diapers.

In college I got a degree in construction management, and after school I worked for one of the largest home builders in the US for nearly 12 years. In that time, I built more than 2,000 houses, sold more than 2,500 homes and developed more than 3,000 lots. All told I have closed over $1 billion in real estate.

What separates me from a lot of folks in this industry is that I’ve not only done sales, construction and development, but I’ve also been a manager and a teacher. Plus, I’ve recruited thousands of people through interviews and job fairs, and I’ve taught, coached, and mentored hundreds.

At the peak of the market, I managed a team of over 75 people with annual sales between $70 million and $200 million.

Using the exact same methods I now teach, I built my first house when I was 25 (with nearly none of my own money by the way), bought my second at 27 and was a multi-millionaire by age 30. I literally built a fortune in real estate by living in really cool houses with nearly none of my own money invested!

I live a life I love. I travel the globe. I get to do things and live a life I’m passionate about every day. I’m free. I answer to no one and get to be in control of my own life at every level, and I love that!

Choosing this path has led me to an amazing life, given me the freedom to live the life I want, and the ability to quit a job where I felt I was just a cog in a machine.

I’m not telling you these things to brag, but to show you that what I’m going to teach you WORKS.

If you apply what I teach, I believe you’ll be able to live the life you always wanted using real estate as the core investment vehicle to get your there.

And when I say “teach,” what I mean is much more than just blabbing on about theories on “getting rich with real estate.”

At my three-day Immersion Training, I show you my EXACT process and core business blueprint that will let you invest in real estate in a way that will give you an unbelievable advantage over the other guys in your market.

And this isn’t just for investors with 6 figures in the bank or lines or credit at Wells Fargo… I show you how to invest with none of your own money, how to fund deals with no credit, and how to manage this process start to finish even without any experience doing it yourself. When you leave the office you will have everything you need to run your own business. You are essentially attending a three day event that will “give” you a business when you walk out.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I work with other investors, start here:

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Thanks for reading!